HMS Minotaur (built 1793)
Her History, Her Officers, and Her Crew

The Minotaur's Crew at the Battle of Trafalgar - Officers

In addition to Commissioned Officers and Wardroom Warrant Officers, this list includes non-Wardroom Warrant Officers and Petty Officers in the Minotaur at the Battle of Trafalgar. 


First Name Last Name Age Birth Place Rank Comments
Charles J M Mansfield 44 Stoke Damerel, Devon Captain More information...
James Stuart     1st Lieutenant Promoted Lieutenant in 1797, Commander on 24th Dec 1805, Captain in 1813, died in 1838.
Nicholas Bell     3rd Lieutenant Promoted Lieutenant in 1799, died in 1827.
Charles Giddy     5th Lieutenant Promoted Lieutenant in 1800, Commander in 1814, died in 1839.
Jeremiah Morgan     5th Lieutenant Promoted Lieutenant in 1800, died in 1817.
Rodrick McLeod     6th Lieutenant Acting-Lieutenant at Trafalgar in 1805, promoted Lieutenant in 1806. Also served under Mansfield as Lieutenant in the Minotaur in the expedition to Copenhagen in 1807. Died in 1810.
Alexander McVicar     Lieutenant Promoted Lieutenant in 1798, Commander in 1807, Captain in 1817, died in 1840.
Paul Hunt     Captain, Marine Appointed 2nd Lieutenant, Marines, in 1780, 1st Lieutenant in 1793, Captain in 1797, Brevet Major in 1810. Retired in 1813, died in 1818.
Nathanial B Grigg     2nd Lieutenant, Marine  
Thomas Reeves     2nd Lieutenant, Marine  
Robert Duncan     Master Appointed Master in 1795. Later Master of the Temeraire in the Mediterrenean and severely wounded at Pointe des Medes in 1811.  Later Master of the yacht Royal Charlotte.  Died in 1830.
Stephen Hilton 23 Selling, Kent, England Master's Mate Born in 1785. Entered the navy as Volunteer 3rd Class in 1795. Midshipman in 1799. Appointed Master's Mate in 1805. On his return from Trafalgar he presented the captured Neptuno's ensign and also the Minotaur's Union Jack to Selling church. Promoted Lieutenant in 1806.  Retired as a commander in 1839. Awarded a medal & two clasps. Died in 1872, buried at Selling Church - inscription "Stephen, Hilton of Trafalgar House in this parish late commander of HM Navy 1872"
Edward Tyler 20 London, England Master's Mate Killed at Trafalgar
Robert Crichton     Surgeon  
Thomas Blease 21 Liverpool, Lancashire, England Midshipman  
Charles B Douce 16 Maling, Kent, England Midshipman  
Francis Graham 18 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England Midshipman  
George Hancock 24 London, England Midshipman  
William Martin 16 Cork, County Cork, Ireland Midshipman Lived to received the Naval general Service (NGS) Medal
John Parry 21 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England Midshipman  
William Rawlins 21 Stratford upon Avon, Warwick, England Midshipman  
John Robertson 48 Fordyce, Scotland Midshipman  
Edward Simmons 16 Gillingham, Kent, England Midshipman Lived to received the Naval general Service (NGS) Medal
John Samuel Smith     Midshipman Wounded
John Waterman 18 Ashford, Kent, England Midshipman Lived to received the Naval general Service (NGS) Medal
Christopher West 18 London, England Midshipman Lived to received the Naval general Service (NGS) Medal
Charles Wolrige 18 Plymouth, Devon Midshipman Lived to received the Naval general Service (NGS) Medal
William Woolcock / Pye 19 Brisland, Cornwall, England Midshipman Changed his name to William Pye in 1846. His gravestone at Dawlish reads  'Sacred - to - the memory of Commander William Pye R.N. -  in his 91st year. BORN 18TH OCTOBER 1785. - DIED AT DAWLISH - 16TH MARCH 1876. - MIDSHIPMAN 'MINOTAUR' TRAFALGAR'
George Moody 35 Lincolnshire, England Armourer  
James Robinson     Boatswain Wounded at Trafalgar
William Jones 23 Weymouth, Dorset, England Boatswain's Mate  
John Kipling 29 Barney Castle, Durham, England Boatswain's Mate  
John Philips 29 Pembroke, South Wales Boatswain's Mate  
Dominick Pinkett 38 Milan, Italy Captain's Cook  
Christopher Peak     Carpenter  
Robert Castor 30 Lincolnshire, England Carpenter's Crew  
Stephen Elmey 28 Suffolk, England Carpenter's Crew  
Charles Johnston 22 Greenwich, Kent, England Carpenter's Crew  
John Rice 25 Swaffham, Norfolk, England Carpenter's Crew  
John Smith 29 Canterbury, Kent, England Carpenter's Crew  
John Martin 24 Darwin Carpenter's Mate  
Benjamin Smally 25 Brampton, Kent, England Caulker  
James Reilly 34 Ireland Cook  
Robert Adams 34 London, England Cooper  
Richard Kinwin 45 Iniscartey, Wexford, Ireland Corporal  
James Stonehorse 22 Bunlist, Scotland Coxswain  
Francis Graham     Gunner Gunner on the Minotaur from 25 March 1802 to 20 January 1809. Served as gunner on a total of 14 ships from 1782 to 1812.
Alexander Alnott 38 Irvine, Ayr, Scotland Gunner's Mate  
William Green 36 Colney Hatch, Middlesex, England Gunner's Mate  
James Le Bieuf 32 Jersey Gunner's Mate  
Thomas Rees 42 Newland, Gloucestershire, England Master at Arms  
George Jackson     Purser  
Richard White 43 St Thomas's, Cornwall, England Purser's Steward  
Thomas Burke 33 Galway, County Galway, Ireland Quartergunner  
George Harrison 35 whitby, Yorkshire, England Quartergunner  
James Keynon 24 Liverpool, Lancashire, England Quartergunner  
John Livingston 45 Dundee, Forfar, Scotland Quartergunner  
James Marriday 20 Cardiff, Wales Quartergunner  
James Wilson 25 Liverpool, Lancashire, England Quartergunner  
Thomas Blunt 31 London, England Quartermaster  
Daniel Crosskew 36 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England Quartermaster  
Thomas Nayles 27 Liverpool, Lancashire, England Quartermaster  
Andrew Stedman 50 Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland Quartermaster  
John R Ball 40 Leeds, Yorkshire, England Quartermaster's Mate  
John Lewis 26 Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, South Wales Quartermaster's Mate  
Robert May 23 Sheerness, Kent, England Quartermaster's Mate  
William Moseley 25 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England Quartermaster's Mate Lived to received the Naval general Service (NGS) Medal
Christopher Brewer 27 Yarmouth Sailmaker  
William Dent 20 Obenbie, Northamptonshire, England Sailmaker  
Kenneth Sharpe 31 Isle of Bute Sailmaker's Mate  
Thomas B Anderson 20 Newcastle Surgeon's 2nd Mate  
John Finimore 13 Plymouth, Devon, England Volunteer 1st Class Lived to received the Naval general Service (NGS) Medal
John Hewey 15 Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland Volunteer 1st Class  
John Waterman 14 Ashford, Kent, England Volunteer 1st Class  
Edward Hearn 27 Brentford, Middlesex, England Yeoman of the Powder Room  
John Brown 35 Spittle, Durham, England Yeoman of the Sheets  
William Clarke 28 Pickering, Yorkshire, England Yeoman of the Sheets  
John Lascomb 29 Philadelphia, America Yeoman of the Sheets  
George Smith 27 London, England Yeoman of the Sheets