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Capture of the French frigate la Franchise (called la Francaise by Mansfield)

Copy of a Letter from Captain Mansfield, of his Majesty's ship Minotaur, to Sir E. Nepean, Bart. dated at sea, 30th May 1803.
I beg leave to acquaint you, for their Lordships' information, that I this evening saw the French republican frigate la Francaise safe off the Dodman, agreeably to signal made by the Hon. Admiral Cornwallis. She was captured by his Majesty's ship in my command, on the 28th May, in company with his Majesty's ship Thunderer, having chased from the fleet, and during the chase was joined by the Albion, which ship had parted from the fleet some days before in thick weather. The Prize proves to be the Republican French frigate la Francaise, from Port-au-Prince thirty-five days, Captain Jurien. She is pierced for twenty-eight twelve-pounders on her main-deck, and sixteen nine-pounders on the quarter-deck and forecastle, ten of which were in her hold, and had on board one hundred and eighty seven men.

The Naval Chronicle vol.9:

Plymouth Report
June 2
At nine A.M. that fine French prize frigate, la Francaise, of 44 guns, went up the harbour; by ten she cleared the narrows, and was at her mooring safe at a quarter before eleven A.M.

June 5
Among the passengers on board la Francaise, of 44 guns, captured by the Minotaur, of 74 guns, on the 28th ult. is a French General in Chief, from St. Domingo; he is lodged at March's Hotel, attended by two grenadiers from the picquet from each regiment.

June 6
Came in his Majesty's ship Minotaur, of 74 guns, Captain Mansfield, from a cruise, for the purpose of collecting her officers and men, sent in her prizes; she might have taken a great many more, but had no hands to board them.

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