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Dryad 1801 - Letters & Newspaper Reports

Capture of the Swedish frigate Ulla Ferson and the French privateer Premier Consul

Portsmouth Telegraph 16th March 1801:
"By a private letter received from Cork, we learn, that the Dryad frigate, Captain Mansfield, has captured and sent into that port, a Swedish frigate, after an action of ten minutes, in which the Swede had 7 killed and 14 wounded; the Dryad has also taken and sent into Cork, the Premier Consul, of 22 guns and 150 men."

Letter from C.J.M.Mansfield to Admiral Lord Gardner, Commander in Chief of His Majesty's Ships and Vessels on the Coast of Ireland, 8th March 1801:
"My Lord,
I have the honour to inform your Lordship, on the 5th March, after a chase of three hours, in lat 50 deg. 6 min. North, long. 12 deg. West, I fell in with and captured the French privateer ship Le Premier Consul, mounting 14 nine-pounders, but pierced for 24, 150 men, from St. Maloes, out 21 days. She is quite new, and on her first cruise; had captured a Portugese schooner, from Lisbon bound to Ireland, a few days before.  I have the honour to be, &c.

Letter from Admiral Lord Gardner, to Evan Nepean, First Secretary of the Admiralty, 8th March 1801:
I am to desire you will please to acquaint the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, that His Majesty's ship Dryad, arrived here this morning; and enclosed I transmit you, for their Lordships' information, Copy of a Letter just received from Captain Mansfield, of this date, giving account of his having captured the French privateer ship Le Premier Consul;  pierced for 24 guns, 150 men. She is quite new, and would make a good sloop of war.
I am, &c.
Dryad, Cork Harbour, 8th March, 1801"

Naval Journal, Portsmouth, March 21, 1801:
Wednesday - ... and the Dryad, Captain Mansfield, from the Irish Station, with a Swedish frigate and a large French privateer, which he captured."

The Times - Key Events of 1801:
"Mar 12 1801 - Advice was received of the capture of a Swedish frigate by the Dryad, Capt. Mansfield; after a short but gallant action."

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